Security services

Security Assessments

GnL Europe’s Cyber and Homeland Security Assessments provide clients with in-depth Advanced Security Testing, not only of their entire infrastructure, but also of their core business strategy, processes and applications, architecture, development, procedures and more.

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Risk management

GnL Europe provides risk management security solutions designed to enable organisations to close the operational gap from detection to interception.

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Regulatory Compliance

GnL Europe offers unique specialisations in the financial, governmental and health care sectors. Our organisation is well placed to help organisations tackle the challenge of achieving GDPR, NIS, MiFID II compliance. Learn more about our regulatory compliance services

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GnL Europe portfolio of training and awareness interventions are aligned with global best practices and are offered in partnership with recognized, credible and accredited Institutions and organisations.

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Website Vulnerability Testing

Website vulnerability testing is a service focused on testing our cleints’ websites for security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber attackers.

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Pen Test

Penetration Testing is a crafted set of tests conducted specifically to penetrate clients’ cyber defences with the goal to access a client’s specified target application or service.

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